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Three siblings take turns picking items of culture and then discussing them!



May 18, 2018


Can't get enough of 90's Tom Cruise? Well neither can we. Come and get your fix with our latest episode, in which I have a ridiculously difficult time summarizing my favorite movie ever, 1992's A Few Good Men.

Even if I can't, I think you can handle the truth, and so it won't be a problem to give us a listen and...

May 4, 2018

The Firm


This episode Matthew picks the early 90s legal thriller "The Firm". Tom Cruise has sex on a beach, Gene Hackman has a drinking problem and a really cool tub, and the girl from Water World has an adorable dog! What's her name? No one knows anymore! Also, Holly Hunter is in this movie! Also, so are a...

Apr 20, 2018


Malcolm thought he was sentencing us all to certain doom when he picked last years OSCAR NOMINATED animated feature "The Boss Baby". Little did he know that one night, mid-way through viewing, he would receive this shameful text from me. 

"I. love. Boss Baby."

Did everyone succumb to this immortal entity's thrall, or...

Apr 5, 2018


Some of the siblings eagerly engage with the visceral fun of this race to the finish line reality show, while we all struggle, some more than others, to accept the challenges inherent in embracing this very  American perspective on a jaunt around the world. Some of the teams are vile, some are oblivious, and some are a...

Mar 22, 2018


Would you go into the Shimmer? Welcome to our discussion of the 2018 film "Annihilation". Chosen but not necessarily liked by Matthew,  we talk about this undeniably unique film written and directed by Alex Garland and starring Natalie Portman, based on a book by Jeff Vandermeer.

Love it or hate it, you have to admit...