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Three siblings take turns picking items of culture and then discussing them!



Feb 9, 2018



The siblings are discussing Matt's pick, the definitely not at all cheesy 2000 Syfy (then still Scifi) mini series Dune. And we discuss everything you didn't realize you wanted to know, including giant spice worm human god hybrids!

Would this show make any sense at all to someone who hadn't read the book or would it...

Jan 25, 2018

Star_Wars_Porg_Gift_Ideas.0 (1)

After a brief Holiday hiatus we return with a bonus Star Wars episode! Certainly this is not a contentious movie to jump start our podcast with right? Surely we all agree on Porgs, casino planets, Skywalkers and other key Star Wars points?

Well no, we don't, but listen to this episode anyhow! Because we believe the...

Dec 23, 2017


Just in time to accompany you on your holiday journeys, where ever they may take you, it's a new episode where we discuss the questionably delightful Hallmark movie "Journey Back to Christmas".  Is there such a thing as too many adorably named Golden Retrievers? Will those kids ever stop looking at their darn phones...

Dec 9, 2017


In our 70th episode we get all meta with my pick by reviewing another podcast, the 2015 serialized fictional story of Limetown, whose creators just announced a second season coming in 2018.

For some of us the show lands and we're kept up at night haunted by pig squeals. For others, it's a big miss and the Napoleon's...

Nov 23, 2017


Celebrate Thanksgiving with our family this year and listen as we discuss Matt's pick, the latest Marvel universe installment-- Thor:Ragnarok.

Who could argue over this charming, funny movie? Well, for the most part not us, except maybe a little. Oh well, at least we don't summon a demon and cause the end of the world....