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Three siblings take turns picking items of culture and then discussing them!



Feb 14, 2019


NEWS ON THE MARCH! After our brief Holiday hiatus, we venture into the past with the earliest movie we've ever seen, and arguably the most famous, Citizen Kane! We discuss this classic film about the great man who, in Matt's words, "is just kind of a dick to a lot of people." But WHY is he a dick? To find out what we...

Jan 15, 2019


Prepare to listen to us discuss a massive crowd pleaser as we all enjoy The Princess Switch! It may be past Christmas but don't let that good old holiday spirit pass you by... Who knew Vanessa Hudgens and... Vanessa Hudgens could be so charming?! We didn't, but we do...

Jan 15, 2019



After a long hiatus (sorry about that) we return in full force with two new episodes. This one is a real controversy among the siblings so enjoy!

Nov 21, 2018


 It may be a little late for Halloween, but really, we all know, it's never too late for a good horror movie. In this episode we discuss the 2015 acclaimed film the VVitch. I remember it really well, and the boys have some strong opinions on their first viewing. Let us know what you think on iTunes!

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Nov 2, 2018


Malcolm really does the heavy lifting and helps Caitlin in her struggle to summarize the hits-really-close-to-home-for-her Netflix show, Maniac. Matt has a paranoid schizophrenic conspiracy theory about the whole world of the show and Caitlin loves Justin Theroux and this world so much she can barely form a thought...