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Three siblings take turns picking items of culture and then discussing them!



Nov 29, 2015


Matt picks Stanley Kubrick's final film, the 1999 Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman starring Eyes Wide Shut...

Is this movie a masterpiece and worthy legacy of one of the greatest film makers of our time, or an overwrought lesser work better left unseen?  Join us for what surely will become the definitive opinions on the...

Nov 12, 2015



We boldly go where our podcast has never gone before as we discuss two episodes from the first season of Star Trek the Original Series:

"The Man Trap" and "Arena".

Lizard men! Alien squid scarecrows! And Matthew didn't hate it! How could you resist?

Don't forget to find us on iTunes by searching "liveculturess" and...

Nov 2, 2015


Hooray! It's our 17th episode and we're just in time for you to wind down from Halloween with the atmospheric thriller from 1944, Gaslight. 

Is Joseph Cotten supposed to be British? And does this movie have the greatest end scene of all time (but it's not what you think). And, finally, did we like this movie? Spoiler...