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Three siblings take turns picking items of culture and then discussing them!



May 11, 2015

Join us this time for a weird discussion of Matt's long awaited pick, Memories of Ice by Steven Erikson.


Matt attempts to summarize the 900 plus page book in under 10 minutes and fails, but his summary is a good one considering. Malcolm loves hates this novel and I pompously declare that I am a poet.

Intro: 00:00- 00:45

Matt's Summary: 00:45-20:00-ish

General Discussion: 20:00-ish-1:00-ish


Malcolm: Starship Troopers

Matt: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Caitlin: Game of Thrones Podcasts: Specifically A Cast of Kings, Nerdette Game of Thrones Recaps, A Podcast of Ice and Fire Episode 156.

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M Ruth
over five years ago

Great summary Matt! Lizard people win.