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Three siblings take turns picking items of culture and then discussing them!



May 25, 2015

Dissolving nightmare vultures! Puppet genocide! Giant killer insectoid monsters! That means that this week we must be discussing Malcolm's pick, the 1982 Jim Henson feature, The Dark Crystal. Hurry up and listen before all our suns align and the Grand Conjunction occurs.


Malcolm summarizes the movie and thus tells us all a terrifying bed time story full of dead puppet eyes. Caitlin is still nearly as horrified by the movie as she was 25 years earlier, while Matt sorta likes it, especially the crystal bats.

00:00 - 38:00 Intro/Summary

38:00 -  58:00 Discussion

58:00 - Recommendations

Matt Recommends: Fitbit HR

Malcolm Recommends: Jim Henson Chinese Food Commercials on You Tube

Caitlin Recommends: Other Space on Yahoo Streaming